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Jake’s Auto Repair Inc. is a family owned and operated automotive repair business that is dedicated to perform an excellent and a high quality automotive service. Our technicians and specialists are very well trained and certified to complete a high class service for our customers.

Proper maintenance can increase your vehicle’s lifespan and keep it performing like new. From time to time all vehicles need repairs of one kind or another. At Jake’s Auto Repair, we can meet any of your automotive needs. We specializes in all major and minor work on all makes and models.


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Youngtown, Arizona Oil Change

At Jake’s you’ll feel treated properly and you’ll walk out with a smile.

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At Jake’s Auto Repair, we value our customers above all else.¬†You can trust our Oil Change Service.

Family Business in Youngtown, Arizona

We are a "Family Business" and we have to ensure that our customer are completely satisfied with our work.

The most important step in maintaining your car is changing the oil. It’s the single most important task you can do for your car to make your engine last.

An oil change consists of removing the old oil from a vehicle's engine and replacing it with new, fresh oil. The engine oil filter is changed at the same time. Automobile manufacturers might suggest an extended oil change interval, such as 5,000 miles. If that is the case, you should replace the filter that is rated to go the distance.